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I’m Shy

Here’s some new photos from the past week

DSC00505  DSC00508

Oh noes, I’m too shy


Shhh, go sleep, Daddy’s playing Team Fortress 2

DSC00512  DSC00513

Semi-portable contraption (some effort required) for our trip to Brisbane in April (Nedra, have yours ready. Another couple times assembling/disassembling this thing and I’m likely to go insane)

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No Message Just Photos!

DSC00496  DSC00497

DSC00498  DSC00499

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Baby, You’re in the Wrong House, Apparently

Got our new medicare cards today. Oh so close, yet so far. When we signed her up we got a temp paper card, which was wrong too but Medicare, the doctors office nor us noticed the simple typo.

Medicare has fixed it over the phone and our new cards will be here in 7 days (or so)


Some of the cutie, now a proper 2 week old.



She’s gettin bigger, you can see it in her feet, hands and her head which has increased 2 cm in circumference. Current weight: 3,580 g.

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Chloe at 2 Weeks

Today Chloe is 2 weeks old today (at 11:15 tonight) and we recieved from Serena’s work, a present!

DSC00463  DSC00473

DSC00468  DSC00472

DSC00470  DSC00477

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